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Combined DEA & PAS 2035 2-week Fast-track

Fast-track your DEA and PAS qualification with this intensive two-week training course. The course spans 8 days of online training with a tutor, followed by an additional 2 days of field experience with a set of tasks set by your assessor. Enrolment is subject to entry requirements due to the timeframe for completion.

Smartstone has designed this unique course to incorporate both DEA and PAS training within a two-week period. Through our experience in the energy sector, we recognise that there is currently a high demand for PAS 2035 Retrofit Assessor qualifications, which require candidates to first be registered and qualified DEAs.

This course is guaranteed to accelerate the process and provide candidates with the relevant post-course portfolio work to become fully qualified assessors who can start offering their services in the market.

Please note

You will be required to complete a pre-course questionnaire prior to taking this course to determine your eligibility. 

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