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Solar for business

Power your business with free solar panels

With rising energy costs impacting businesses across the UK, now is the time to go solar. Qualify for a commercial solar energy grant, and you’ll get free solar panels and free installation, along with other possible measures, which could include LED lights, battery storage, and roof repairs.

By embracing solar energy, your business can not only slash future energy bills by up to 50% but also add more money to the profit line by harnessing surplus energy and exporting it back to the grid. Not only are you reducing your environmental impact as a business, but by adopting sustainable business practices, you can help towards the overall goal of reaching Net Zero. 

Discover how your business can benefit from free solar panels and installation

If you have a business with a large commercial roof space, you could qualify for commercial solar power installation under the free-to-fit scheme.

What this includes:

  • 100% Free solar panels
  • 100% Free Installation
  • 100% Free ongoing repair 
  • Annual cleaning and maintenance 
  • 25 years of reduced energy rates

Does my commercial business qualify for free solar PV and installation?

At SmartStone, we can assist all types of businesses with qualifying commercial properties to save on their current bills and profit from fitted solar PV panels by exporting the excess energy back to the grid.

To benefit from the free-to-fit scheme, you must satisfy the following requirements.

  • Own a large business premises with a roof space of at least 3,500 square feet (325 square metres).
  • Minimum current monthly electricity usage of 7,000 kW.
  • Be able to legally rent it, and ensure that it is asbestos-free.
  • If on single-phase electric, be able to provide your last 12 months’ electricity bills from your energy supplier.
  • If on three-phase electric, be able to provide the last 12 months’ bills, also displaying  ½ hourly data.
  • An established business that has a good credit rating.
  • Agree to the solar panels being in situ for 25 years. (A lesser term can be arranged but will affect the calculated savings and profits structure.)
  • The building must be connected to the national grid

How much can my commercial property save by having solar panels installed?

Case Study 1

A warehouse storage business in Trafford Park in Manchester

This business, which uses enormous amounts of electricity for its daily operations, received a free oversized solar system. The system allows them to sell (export) the excess electricity produced back to the grid at an optimum fixed price. 

The 50% savings on their electricity and the export price achieved on the excess electricity sold back to the grid eliminated their entire electricity bill, resulting in a significantly more profitable operation.

Case Study 2

A manufacturing company with a 400 kW system

Once fitted with solar PV panels, this large business uses 90% of the renewable energy provided, exporting the excess 10%, saving them a massive £2 million+ over the 25-year term. 

Case Study 3

A dairy farm with a 400 kW solar system

A dairy farm business using only 60% of the renewable energy provided through the free-fitted solar system manages to export 40% back to the national grid, saving around £1 million over the 25-year term.

Check if your business qualifies for free solar panels and installation:

Are you a commercial landlord?

If you rent your commercial or industrial premises, you can become the electricity provider and make a profit while offering your tenants lower electricity tariffs, so everyone benefits.

Are you a land owner?

The UK has specific timelines to adhere to to reach their renewable energy targets, and solar farms are favourable locations to fit many solar panels. If you own over 25 acres of residential, commercial, or farm grazing land within a mile of the electricity grid, you may qualify for a solar farm, which could realise annual profits of £ 300,000 – £ 1 million annually.