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Learn the simple steps you can take right now to reduce your energy bills

Get the full picture with a free SmartStone Home Energy Audit carried out by an independent PAS 2035 Retrofit Certified Assessor.

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Determining your property type. Choosing from countless insulation measures. New technologies entering the market all the time. Endless paperwork and application processes to secure funding. With so many baffling choices to make, it’s no wonder most UK homeowners give up on insulation at the first hurdle.

Despite all the fantastic benefits that insulation offers, including reduced energy bills and a cosier home, the entire process can be fraught with headaches. To make matters worse, it’s not always easy to know who to trust for honest guidance on what insulation measures are suitable for your specific property.

But good news is here! There are most likely super simple and cost-effective solutions you can easily implement today to significantly save money on your energy bills. Get in touch with SmartStone for FREE, qualified, and no-strings-attached advice.

Taking into account the unique aspects of your property, and with new technologies becoming available all the time, each available measure opens up a potential minefield of confusion. On the surface, things can seem straightforward, but once you start to investigate, things can get very complicated.

Smartstone’s 3-step plan to cost-effectively improve your home’s energy efficiency

Protect your property against the great British weather and enjoy a warmer, cosier, more eco-friendly home with Smarstone’s free home energy audit.

1. Get in touch

Our team will arrange a suitable day and time for one of our certified auditors to visit your home and carry out a full house assessment. Each energy audit typically lasts around an hour.

2. Discover your home's vulnerable spots

Our auditors will provide recommendations specific to your property, including cost estimations for carrying out any insulation measures.

3. Enjoy a warmer, cosier home

Following the audit, you’ll be provided with a cost-benefit analysis of any installation costs against potential savings. Your auditor will provide guidance on any next steps you may choose to take

By working with industry regulators, PAS 2030-19 assessors, and Government Trustmark approved installers, we've helped improve the energy efficiency of 1000s of British homes whilst reducing the nation's carbon footprint.