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Your Guide to the New ECO+ Insulation Grants & Lower Energy Bills

The Government has earmarked £1billon of funding for the new ECO+ insulation grant scheme that will run over the next three years to improve the energy efficiency of over 400,000 UK homes, making them warmer and saving households hundreds of pounds a year on their future energy bills.

The ECO+ scheme seeks to address fuel poverty in the UK, with this next wave of ECO+ grants aiming to assist more households in insulating their homes. Building upon a proven successful framework of ECO schemes which began in 2013 – the ECO Plus scheme is a government energy efficiency scheme that sees the UK Government working alongside energy suppliers to reduce heating costs through grants for insulation.

What is the Eco Plus Scheme?

The UK Government’s new initiative to help those suffering financially from the energy crisis throughout Great Britain will begin in April 2023. ECO+ is aimed towards those living in poorly insulated properties to achieve better energy efficiency in UK properties by assisting with the cost of loft or cavity wall insulation.

The Energy Company Obligation Plus (ECO+) is a new initiative which not only seeks to reduce people’s energy bills but also is a huge move towards the UK fulfilling the government’s commitment of net zero carbon emissions to be achieved by 2050, with more households becoming eligible for government insulation grants for home energy efficiency improvements.

Who qualifies for Eco+ funding?

This new measure brought in by the UK government and funded by the UK’s large energy suppliers is primarily targeted at low energy efficient rated homes in lower Council Tax band areas. Thousands of low-income households living in homes with poor energy efficiency can look to improved energy-saving measures, making a more comfortable, warmer and more energy-efficient place to live while also saving hundreds of pounds annually on energy bills.

There will be different levels of support applicable through various criteria. Generally, to see if you would be eligible for help with the costs associated with better insulating your home through the ECO+ scheme, you would need to answer “Yes” to any of the following criteria that have been divided to cover two groups:

  • Do you own a  home in the following Council Tax bands: A-D in England, A-E  in Scotland and A-C in wales?
  • Do you own a home with an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) of D, E, F, or G?
  • Do you rent from a private landlord? If so, does the property have an energy efficiency rating of D or E?
  • Do you live in a low-income or vulnerable household?
  • Is this the first time you would be benefitting from a source of UK Government funding towards the cost of improving your home’s energy efficiency?

What type of energy-saving measures can I get with the ECO+ scheme?

Many factors can lead to a home being graded as low energy efficiency. To improve this, you will need to look at improving these three areas of your home:


You will need to have your house assessed by an accredited installer who will guide you to what measures will improve your home’s energy efficiency through insulation. According to the Household Energy Efficiency Statistics data, over 5.2 million homes were without cavity wall insulation in December 2021 and approximately 7.9 million uninsulated lofts. Because of this, you could expect that these two fast and cost-effective methods to heat your home could be two of the measures that you might get 100% coverage through the ECO Plus grant.

Other ECO+ scheme home insulation grant measures in either of the two eligibility groups could include:

The ECO+ grant may cover many of these costs, although you might have to contribute if a more considerable and costly measure is required – like solid wall insulation. This is why it is always advisable to get a free home audit to see what specific actions your home can benefit from and what can be done through the UK Government ECO Grants.


Upgrading or replacing an old inefficient boiler will make a massive difference to the overall energy efficiency of a property.

Heating controls

The installation of a room thermostat, boiler programmer, and thermostatic radiator valves are two of the measures around heating controls available to low-income families who opt for one of the primary insulation methods through ECO+ and who have not had any heating controls installed previously in their home.

Does the ECO+ scheme replace the previous ECO4 scheme?

No, the ECO+ is being launched alongside the current ECO4 scheme, which has already seen over 2 million people achieving better energy efficiency in their homes. ECO4 was launched and applies to measures installed from 1st April 2022 and covers a four-year period ending on 31st March 2026.

While the ECO4 concentrates more on low-income families unable to afford to make improvements, ECO+ widens this eligibility, still taking into consideration low-income families. ECO Plus will also apply to homes with an EPC rating of D and below and in a lower Council Tax band, so long as they don’t benefit from any other government schemes. Now, more people will be eligible to save money on their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient through the ECO+ scheme.

To expedite the new scheme rapidly, the UK Government aim to build on the requirements and infrastructure already in place from the ECO4 scheme. A free energy audit lets you see which scheme will suit your home and benefit your household the most.

How much am I entitled to, and how long will the ECO+ scheme run for?

Currently, eligible households could expect anything in the region up to £1,500 in funding  (although this figure has been published, it is still awaiting final confirmation from the Government before launch) towards the cost of improving their energy efficiency through insulation improvements, depending on your home’s energy efficiency and EPC rating. An interesting report from the Climate Change Committee in 2021 has highlighted the UK as having some of the oldest and least energy-efficient homes in Europe. To tackle this issue, the ECO+ scheme will run for three years, starting in the spring of April 2023 and ending on 31st March 2026.

Through the ECO+ insulation grant scheme, you could benefit from part or full funding depending on the criteria and your circumstances.

Am I eligible for the ECO Plus grant?

To be considered for an ECO+ grant, firstly, you will need to either own your own home or, if you are renting, your home may be eligible subject to the type of insulation required and one which will need your landlord’s approval. Bear in mind that if you’re renting your home, the UK Government is looking at the ECO+ scheme as having a positive impact on the environment by raising the energy efficiency of some of the UK’s lowest EPC-rated homes and are looking to raise the EPC rental home rate to C by 2030, so it could be likely that your rented property will already meet the standard.

You can check whether you’re eligible for the ECO+ scheme grant through SmartStone or your current energy supplier.

How SmartStone can help you with ECO+ funding

Specialists with over 25 years combined experience in the energy services sector, the team here at SmartStone have helped 1000s of people in Great Britain improve their homes’ energy efficiency and lower their energy bills by benefitting from the UK Government’s funding schemes.

We are on hand to help you in receiving the maximum amount of funding to which you are entitled.

SmartStone has assisted UK households in receiving thousands of pounds in energy and insulation funding. This is because we thoroughly understand the process and know how to expedite your application. We’ll handle all of the tedious paperwork and relieve you of all of your worries. We can advise you on the most appropriate insulation measures to improve your property’s energy performance and EPC rating through our network of independent energy assessors.

Simply follow these four simple steps to start receiving ECO+ funding right away.

  1. APPLY– Click here to fill out a simple three-step form.
  2. CONTACT – A member of our friendly staff will review your grant application and guide you through the next steps.
  3. SURVEY – If you meet the necessary criteria, we will send an independent surveyor to your home to conduct a free, no-obligation home assessment survey and advise you on the best insulation and energy-efficient measures for your home.
  4. INSTALLATION – Following the completion of the survey, your ECO+ application will be submitted. We will also assist you in locating a professional insulation expert from our trusted network of partners to complete your work as soon as possible.


SmartStone keeps ahead of all the latest energy efficiency and insulation grant information, as well as the latest developments in the insulation and energy industry, so you don’t have to. We know all there is to know regarding insulation, and we are members of the NIA, EEA, and Trustmark and are Green Deal-approved installers. We are also a PAS2030-19 and PAS 2035 retrofit accredited company certified by the British Assessment Bureau and ISO9001 compliant.

So, if you want a warmer home and lower energy bills, let us check if the ECO+ scheme might benefit you. Allow us to take the stress out of applying for ECO+ funding. Contact SmartStone right away.

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