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SmartStone Energy Partners With More Trees, Planting Over 300 Trees Since 2021

LONDON, UK, May 3, 2023 – SmartStone Energy Solutions, one of the UK’s leading energy-saving, home insulation, and grant specialists, has partnered with More Trees by THG Eco to support its customers’ environmental efforts by planting trees.

Partnering with More Trees by THG Eco since 2021, SmartStone Energy provides its customers with a simple and effective way to reduce their carbon footprint whilst contributing to the fight against climate change. Tree planting is one of the most efficient methods of removing extra carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lowering the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

For every new SmartStone customer, one tree is planted on their behalf by More Trees in a location selected to have the most significant positive impact on the environment. Every new tree planted counts towards providing habitat for wildlife and improving the air and water quality for generations to come.

Did you know planting one tree will sequester 6.00 tonnes of CO2 – equivalent to 14,658 miles in a standard car?

“Environmental protection remains a top focus for SmartStone, and the trees we plant with More Trees on behalf of our customers will positively impact communities for many years to come,”

“Collaborating with More Trees by THG Eco has enabled us to plant over 300 trees in a relatively short time. This total equates to an estimated 102 tonnes of future CO2 sequestration. We look forward to continuing this initiative together to create a better planet.”

– SmartStone CEO, Gary Hanson

SmartStone More Trees Virtual forest

About More Trees

More Trees by THG Eco is on a mission to help people and businesses plant one billion trees as quickly as possible. These small changes today help make a significant impact in the future, helping customers to become greener and protect the planet’s future. With an easy-to-use platform, companies can manually or automatically plant trees in projects worldwide, gaining a certificate for each new tree planted.

Certificate for SmartStone from More Trees by THG Eco for each tree planted.

By planting new trees, we can reduce CO2 emissions in the future and enjoy various local benefits now. These benefits include poverty alleviation, education, skill sharing, food, shelter, biodiversity, and coastal protection.

Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals

In 2012 at The United Nations Conference in Rio de Janeiro, the world woke up to the devastating effect of climate change. From here, the United Nations established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – key benchmarks to address the world’s most serious environmental, political, and economic concerns.

Why is planting trees so important?

Take Forests forests, for example – home to more than 80% of the planet’s animals, plants and insects; they sustain us in what we breathe, drink, and eat. Forests cover almost 31% of the planet’s entire land area, and biodiversity is declining faster than ever before – with more than one-fifth of the land area entirely degraded and affecting the well-being of over 3.2 billion people.

How SmartStone supports Sustainable Development Goals

Choosing a sustainable energy solution company means that the positive effect is two-fold.

  1. You are taking action against poor insulation to find cost-effective ways to minimise heat loss and lower your future energy bills.
  2. By contracting a socially responsible company like SmartStone Energy Solutions, you are actively decreasing your carbon footprint and increasing contributions to global reforestation efforts and a greener future.


By partnering with More Trees THG Eco, SmartStone Energy supports several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including:

  • SDG #13: Climate Action
  • SDG #15: Life on Land
  • SDG #17: Partnerships for the Goals


By working with More Trees, SmartStone can help address the urgent need for reforestation and afforestation efforts worldwide. SmartStone Energy customers can benefit from expert advice on home improvements to save energy and lower bills. By participating in the tree planting programme, they can also reduce their carbon footprint while contributing to a great cause.

About SmartStone Energy Solutions

SmartStone Energy Solutions offer homeowners across England, Scotland, and Wales expert advice on improving their energy performance and slashing their heating bills through the latest UK Government funding schemes. Cutting through the confusion of insulation and energy funding SmartStone are committed to offering free energy audits and solutions for money-saving ways to better insulated homes. The website is packed full of free tips and simple ways to benefit from UK government grants available.

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