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Leading Providers of Quality Insulation Services to the Metropolitan Police and the NHS

SmartStone Energy Solutions is a leading provider of quality insulation services to residential and commercial properties in the UK, offering energy solutions to many clients and services across different sectors, including the Metropolitan Police and the NHS.

Understanding the importance of insulation in commercial buildings

Insulation is a crucial aspect of energy efficiency, and industry specialists, SmartStone Energy Solutions, offer a wide range of insulation solutions, including cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, and internal wall insulation. These solutions help to regulate the temperature within the building, reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency. The correct insulation leads to significant savings on energy bills by minimising the need for heating systems to work harder than they should.

Commercial buildings are generally much more extensive than residential properties, requiring a lot more energy to heat and cool. Failure to insulate the commercial properties correctly can cause issues with regulating the temperature effectively and become incredibly expensive to maintain.

Benefits of proper insulation for commercial property owners

One of the notable projects that SmartStone Energy Solutions Ltd has undertaken is the insulation of the Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment in Keston, Kent. The project involved the installation of cavity wall insulation around the breeding units and kennels to improve energy efficiency and help decarbonise the buildings. The insulation has helped to reduce heat loss, leading to significant energy savings for the Metropolitan Police.

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SmartStone has also provided insulation services to the CLCH NHS at Langley House in Watford, supplying and fitting over 2000㎡ of loft insulation, helping to reduce energy bills for the NHS and allowing the organisation to redirect the savings to other areas of their operations. The insulation service enhances overall energy efficiency at this NHS site, reduces costs and helps lowers carbon emissions.

Advantages of residential insulation services

SmartStone is helping 1000s of homeowners in the UK lower their bills by working in collaboration with independent energy service provider, Everwarm on the Greater South East Energy Hub (GSEEH) – part of the government policy to deliver clean growth and support the development of local, low-carbon energy projects delivered in the region.

SmartStone Energy’s room-in-roof insulation provides insulation in the roof space of a loft conversion or attic bedroom, which benefits the property owner in several ways.

  • Significant reduction in heat loss
  • Maintaining a comfortable room temperature throughout the year
  • Lower home energy bills
  • Lower carbon footprint by reducing heat loss in the home


Proper insulation offers many benefits to homeowners, and by regulating the temperature by installing insulation, your home will feel more comfortable by eliminating drafts and cold spots, especially in slightly older properties.

Why SmartStone insulation services?

Choosing a professional company specialising in insulation services and installing room-in-roof insulation is essential when seeking effective energy-saving measures in the home.

SmartStone Energy Solutions Ltd is a leading provider of insulation services in the UK with a wealth of expertise, offering a wide range of insulation solutions, including cavity wall insulation, loft insulations, and internal wall insulation.

The award-winning company has worked with numerous clients across different sectors, including the Metropolitan Police and the NHS, to help them achieve their energy efficiency goals. It is committed to providing its clients high-level service, using only the best materials and employing highly skilled and experienced personnel. Customers can expect comprehensive after-sales service and support long after the completion of the insulation project.

In addition to providing energy-saving solutions, SmartStone Energy is committed to sustainability and protecting the environment, so for every installation, the company plants one tree to help offset carbon emissions. Planting trees is a simple yet effective way to combat climate change and promote a greener future.

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